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We’re on a mission to help people own their possibilities, giving them effortless access to fast, short-term credit.


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Let’s face it: short-term lenders have a bad rap…

As fintech activists, we advocate for tech-enabled financial inclusion.

Reaching the underbanked, and providing simple, fair financial choice is what drives us.

We pride ourselves in identifying risk, even when our customers don’t, and we’re serious about our commitment to responsible lending.

That’s why we never push people past what they actually need.

Why our customers trust us

Prevention of long-term debt traps

Our lending model offers short repayment terms, putting disposable income back in the hands of our customers as quickly as possible.

Data-driven decision-making

Each customer’s risk and affordability assessment is highly personalised to their circumstances

Industry-leading default rates

Because of our commitment to responsible lending, our repayment statistics are best in class.

Effortless experience

Apply from anywhere, 24/7, 365

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No paperwork, no queues

Discrete application process

Financial literacy

As part of our responsible lending ethos, we love to empower our customers to make sound financial choices for their future. We do this by providing access to our rich-content and free-to-use financial literacy platform The Money Academy.

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