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The diligent disruptor

Growth at the leading edge is our jam but so is being responsible and sustainable in our conduct. This is why we can innovate rapidly on the technology front while maintaining unrivalled credibility in our product. No comprises!

Our Story

Established in 2011 as part of the Wonga Group, we are a leading South African financial technology company. Over the past 10+ years, we’ve quickly emerged as a pioneering force in the local personal finance sector, revolutionising the way people access short-term credit.

Wonga South Africa separated from the UK-based Wonga Group in late 2019 after a localised management buyout led by the South African executive team.

With invested leadership and an unwavering commitment to responsible lending and financial inclusion; we leverage cutting-edge technology to offer fast, transparent and flexible financial products that meet the diverse needs of our customers.


Wonga SA Launches


Wonga launches the first fully automated loan application process


Legacy systems replaced with Micro-Services Architecture


Wonga South Africa launches installment loan feature


Wonga UK placed under administration, linked to regulatory changes in the UK


Wonga South Africa bought out by local investors, rebrands to Wonga Online


Wonga Online secures local institutional funding for accelerated growth

Our Core Capabilities

We believe in doing a few things really well. After all, mastery is the product of focus! That is why we have streamlined our business to centre around three domains or Core Capabilities. We’d even go as far as to say these are our superpowers.

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We’re a digital lender, so naturally technology is a key focus area. We integrate with industry-leading partner technologies who are experts in their respective fields, so that we can focus on being experts in ours. Our micro-services architecture and highly skilled team of engineers translate into rapid development and integrations.


Data is the beans for our grinder and leads all our thinking. We use it to drive our decisions about credit, web analytics, infrastructure, security, team engagement and perhaps most importantly… coffee! We’re currently exploring alternative data and machine learning to make better lending decisions and improve financial inclusion.

Digital Marketing

Building relationships is core to our culture.

When it comes to our customers, we connect with them through data-driven personalised messaging.

Our approach is unique and cutting edge in that we will never send unsolicited marketing emails, calls or messages.

We are champions at Search and have built long-standing partnerships with trusted affiliates.

Our leadership team

Fuelled by their commitment to unlock the immense untapped potential of the business – Brett, Jody and Michael form the turbo-charged trifecta that has skilfully led Wonga through many a peak and trough.

All three are financially invested in the business, providing peace of mind that decisions are made with a long-term view.  In addition, they have a strong focus on our people, which keeps our team inspired and the culture strong.

Though there collective years of service are many, they’re just getting started.

Brett van Aswegen

Chief Executive Officer

Brett van Aswegen

Chief Executive Officer

With more than two decades’ experience in the African retail credit and financial services industries, Brett has been at the helm of Wonga since 2015. He was instrumental in the management buyout of the business from the Wonga Group, and lead its transformation into the innovative short-term lender it is today.

Favourite value: Engage with intent

Superpower: Holistic leadership at its finest, with a nose for marketing, a passion for people and an unrivalled level of empathy and care for the people of Wonga.

Jody Baumgarten

Chief Financial Officer

Jody Baumgarten

Chief Financial Officer

With an extensive background in finance and treasury, Jody has been part of the business since its inception in South Africa in 2011. Making a positive impact on the financial landscape is what makes him tick.

Favourite value: Do what you say you’ll do

Superpower: Jody has 8 arms and legs, 12 computer screens, 3 brains, and can solve all the problems at once… on 2 hours’ sleep a night, while on his mountain bike.

Michael Lazarus

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Lazarus

Chief Technology Officer

Michael comes from a technology infrastructure background and has worked in fintech for more than 10 years. He’s responsible for the evolution, development and delivery of our core platforms and architecture.

Favourite value: Make it better

Superpower: Making ordinary situations awkward, and making awkward situations funny with his unique sense of humour. Michael is always looking for ways to improve our systems and processes.